All sites we create are responsive. This means that your site adapts to fit the device that is viewing it. The major benefits of responsive sites are as follows:

  • Your site can adjust it’s layout for smaller screens such as laptops and notebooks.
  • Your site can adjust to tablets and mobile phones.
  • Your site can adjust to fit tablets and mobile devices in landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Your site will change the images shown to on your pages to use the best size and quality for the device viewing the page. (small images on mobiles)
  • Your site can change the font size to allow tablet and mobile viewers to read your content easily.

Even with all of these benefits the most useful part of a responsive website is that you have one website, one admin area, one set of pages and posts. This means that if you add a new page or change some text every viewer on every device will see the changes.

So with a responsive website there is no mobile site, just a responsive site, a site that adapts to the viewer.