I’m having problems with emails on my phone/laptop.

When you have problems with email on individual devices you’ve purchased (like phones, laptops, iPads etc) this is because they are not set up correctly to send/receive emails.
You have several solutions here:
  • You can set it up yourself (lots of stuff on this on Google).
  • We can set up any device for you if you are struggling to do it yourself.
  • You can take the device to your device retailer, like Apple for example, and they will set it up for you.
We charge a set fee of £25 plus vat per device but Apple (and other suppliers) will do it for free for you.
Note, people will often say to us that the device WAS working and now it isn’t. This is very common. This can be for any of a hundred different reasons but often it is because of software updates within the device itself which now mean the device needs resetting.

Use webmail to look at your emails when your devices are not working properly.

If any of your devices are incorrectly configured and/or you are having problems sending or receiving emails, you can always log in to your “WebMail” account and see your emails there.
“Webmail” is where all your emails live on the cloud before your devices go up and collect them.
So checking your WebMail account is a great way of seeing if your emails are there. You can see if your device is the problem rather than the email system having a problem. If the email is on your “Webmail” account then you know your device is the problem.
We get dozens of people saying their “email isn’t working on their phone” when what they really mean is that “their phone isn’t working on their emails”.