When setting up your computer, tablet or mobile device there are a lot of settings that need to be entered to allow you to use your new email account. If you have entered your account settings but are unable to send news messages we have listed a few tips to help below:

  • If you can receive but not send emails it means that your username and password are correct (as you can receive emails) but your outgoing settings (SMTP) are wrong, so focus on these settings on your device to solve the issue.
  • The most common reason this issue occurs is that all outgoing emails require ‘authentication’ to be switched on, so make sure this option is switched on.
  • If you are on an iPhone or Android device it will ask the kind of authentication so choose ‘password’.
  • If the device asks you to enter a username and password for authentication simply use the same username and password for the email account itself.

If these tips don’t help simply submit a support ticket to have our support team assist you further.