Why can’t I see changes made to my website?

It is possible that when you make changes to your website the updates may not appear when viewed in your browser. All browsers use a system called caching to improve the speed and performance of web pages when viewed on slow internet connections.

Caching saves a copy of the website and the pages you have visited locally on your computer, this way the site will load very quickly even on a slow internet connect or mobile phone when you visit again. The only limitation to caching site pages is that the browser decides when to check and ‘refresh’ the cache.

This can give the impression that your website has not updated but you are in fact viewing a cached version of the site.

There are several quick ways you can find out if a cache on your device is causing the problem:

  1. Use a different browser you haven’t used before (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
  2. Use a device you haven’t used before (e.g. use your phone, or call a colleague/friend and ask them to check).

How long does the cache last?

Most browsers will save cached pages for 30 days, but visiting a site more often will usually cause the browser to update the cache every 7 days.

What can I do to see changes made to my website now?

Caching is standard to all modern browsers across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. You can clear the browsers cache using one of the following shortcuts:

Firefox: F5 to refresh current page, SHIFT + F5 to clear all cached pages.

Chrome: CTRL + H to view the history page and choose the ‘clear browsing data’ option top left.

Internet Explorer: F5 to refresh current page, SHIFT + F5 to clear all cached pages.

Microsoft Edge: Choose the ‘three dots’ top right of your browser window, choose settings then ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

iPhone: Choose the book icon at the bottom of the browser window, then choose history and the ‘clear’ option bottom right.