Our support staff are available to answer any technical questions you may have regarding the hosting of your website and the email accounts used with it. If your site is down or you are unable to access the sites admin area, these are perfect support questions for our team.

As we design and build websites daily our area of expertise is websites and their functions. Your support package is designed to keep your site live, backed up and running the most up to date version of WordPress at all times.

Our support team will not be able to provide answers for the following:

  • Legal advice for terms and conditions, terms of sales or returns policies.
  • Tax advice with regards to VAT charges or HMRC regulations.
  • Third party software not provided by Two Plus Two as part of the website development.
  • Configuration of customer devices unless a device setup package has been purchased.
  • Training on website features when a training product is available to cover these materials.
  • SEO or marketing advice when an SEO or marketing package covers these materials.

If you require a new feature or ‘plugin’ to be installed on your website please contact us at the following email address: enquiries@twoplustwo.co.uk.