All of our web designs are responsive which allows them to adjust their layout based on the device used to view the site. Our sites are also tested on all major browsers and operating systems to achieve the highest levels of compatibility.

Even with this high level of compatibility there are cases when a site may appear slightly different on some devices. The main reasons for this are as follows:

Web browsers ‘interpret’ site code
This means that each browser and each newer version get better at ‘guessing’ how a site should look. Unlike printed media no two browsers display a site in the same way!

Web browsers are not standardised
Web browsers are constantly improving, allowing them to show websites in more standard ways without issues. Although the standards used to create websites were defined over 10 years ago most browsers are still not capable of showing a website in a standard way.

Web browsers update frequently
Web browsers update all the time, sometimes without you even knowing! Firefox is currently on version 42 and Google’s Chrome browser updates every few days to keep itself current.

If you experience a minor difference in layout between one browser or another don’t panic. Your visitor is unlikely to sit and compare font sizes or image spacing, and remember that on a tablet or mobile device you entire site layout will change to fit the viewers device.

If you feel that the issue is more than just a small variation based on the visitors browser please submit a support ticket and attach a screen shot of the problem for our support staff to review.